School Philosophy

School Philosophy

Our school motto is ‘Let Your Light Shine’. These concepts are at the heart of what our school community seeks to accomplish: to provide assistance to parents in their efforts to educate their children in a manner that supports the development of the entire child; mentally, physically and spiritually.

Our school focuses on the 7 R’s: reading, writing, arithmetic, respect, responsibility, well-roundedness and religion.

The first three are very well known: reading, writing and arithmetic, otherwise referred to as ‘the basics’. Providing a program that concentrates on the continuous growth and assessment of each child to maximize their God-given academic potential is a priority. A variety of learning strategies will be employed to deliver the Alberta Education curriculum with the use of technology and learning opportunities beyond the classroom whenever possible.

Emphasized as well, are the 4th and 5th Rs, respect and responsibility. Developed by Thomas Lickona and the Character Education Partnership, these “Rs” focus on developing the child in virtuous behaviour desirous in a contributing citizen of our community. These concepts are the backbone of our school’s behavioural management philosophy.

The 6th R, well-roundedness, speaks to our commitment to assist students in the discovery and exploration of their own unique intelligences as described by Howard Gardner (Musical, Linguistic, Logical, Naturalistic, Kinesthetic, Intrapersonal and Interpersonal). Along with offering programs such as physical education, fine arts, music and French as regular classes, staff will be encouraged to facilitate student growth in these dimensions by integrating appropriate strategies within core curriculum classes.

Religion, the 7th R, is at the core of our programming. Along with regular instruction in Catholic teachings, our faith will permeate everything we do as a school community. Through our actions and words we will walk in the footsteps of Christ in our quest to serve the Lord and each other. Included is a focus on servant leadership and team-building. Students will be expected to participate in community service projects with their class and endeavor to assist others in their growth whenever possible