School Council

Friends of St. Augustine Fundraising Events

  • Purdy's Christmas Campaign: If you’d like to support us through purchasing some very sweet Christmas gifts for friends, family and yourself, please click the link below:

  • Shutterfly offers unique personalized gift options. Share this with your friends and family and tell them to share to their friends.  There are so many different things you can buy and personalize from this website. Every sale earns an 8% commission. Please be aware that prices are in US FUNDS!


  • Boston Pizza: Collect your receipts from Boston Pizza in central Alberta. Drop them off at the school and the school earns a percentage of sales. 

Heart & Soul of St. Augustine School Award

The St. Augustine School Council would like to honour each year, a staff member of our school that stands out.  We have created the Heart & Soul of St. Augustine School Award and we are asking for your help to nominate a teacher, EA (Education Assistant), counsellor, secretary, janitor that you feel would best suit this award. 

Heart & Soul Award

This year’s School Council executive are:

Kevin Prediger – Principal

Erin Fleck – Chair   

Christie Remillard – Vice Chair

Holly Sheppard – Secretary

Gail McGinnis – Director (in lieu of Treasurer)

Robyn Woodland – Director

Cindy Wilcox – ECS Rep

Sharon Hackett/Christie Wilson – Teacher Reps