PAPER ORDER FORM: Orders will continue to be accepted on the monthly paper forms. These will now be available on the school website. Printed forms can be handed in to the canteen, office or the home room teacher. Order forms will not be accepted after the due date.

COUNTER SALES: The usual day to day menu items will be available for sale each day. Limited amounts of the feature daily item e.g. grill cheese, soup etc. will be available until it is sold out. Grades 4-12 can order first thing in the morning for delivery at lunch. Grades 7-12 can order directly at lunch. Remember there will be limited availability for the daily feature item.

Need help? Email Mrs. Houghton. If your child is away unexpectedly please contact Mrs. Houghton directly to cancel your order. Refunds will only be issued for orders that are cancelled with sufficient notice.

Please note that the Canteen will be closed on days when the buses do not run. Please send lunch with your child on bus cancellation days.

Canteen Menu April 2020

Canteen Menus March 2020