STAR Catholic Schools has a cooperative busing agreement for St. Augustine School students with Wolf Creek Public Schools. STAR Catholic students living within the Town or Ponoka MUST re-register for busing. STAR Catholic students who live in the country and are new to busing or who have moved to a new rural locations are required to register. Deadline to register is June 1, 2024.

Catholic Student Busing Registration

Any busing and transportation questions or concerns can be directed to:

email: transportation@wolfcreek.ab.ca  Phone: 403-785-0726

If you require further assistance please contact STAR Catholic’s Transportation Department at transportation@starcatholic.ab.ca or via phone at 780.986.2500.

Bus Status

View your bus status on Wolf Creek School Division's website

Or download the Bus Status App where you can receive notifications directly to your device regarding the status of busses. For instructions on how to install and set up your Bus Status App click on the short video below. You will find it is an easy set up for both IOS and Android devices. 

A recent upgrade to the Bus Status 4 app may have caused the buses that you are subscribed to in becoming deselected.Please open the app and click on the star icon above My Buses to ensure that the bus routes of your children show in the list.If they are not selected, click on the bus icon that says All Buses.  Scroll through the list of WCPS routes and click on the star beside each route that you would like notifications for until the star changes from an outline to a solid star.

Parents, students and staff can all download the free Bus Status 4 app to their smart devices to get updates from drivers when they notify the Transportation Department that they are running late or if a route has been cancelled.

Bus Services

Contact Wolf Creek School Division Bus Services