68 staff at St. Augustine School share their time and talents working with students in a variety of ways to reach the best version of themselves. 


Administration Team

Photo of Kari Davidson

Kari Davidson


placeholder image for Luc Gratton

Luc Gratton

Vice Principal

Photo of Leah Bowie

Leah Bowie

Vice Principal/English Teacher

St. Augustine Elementary School

Photo of Mary Ann Baden

Mary Ann Baden

Grade 3

Photo of Kelci Brown

Kelci Brown

Learning Support Facilitator

Photo of Harmonie Derepite

Harmonie Derepite

Grade 5

Photo of Marion Dick

Marion Dick

Grade 2

Photo of Jason Eisbrenner

Jason Eisbrenner

Grade 5

Photo of Ken Hackett

Ken Hackett

Grade 6

Photo of Sharon Hackett

Sharon Hackett

Grade 6

Photo of Heather Harrison

Heather Harrison

Photo of Valerie Hillier

Valerie Hillier

Photo of Reanna Jordan

Reanna Jordan

Photo of Jocelyn Kawahara

Jocelyn Kawahara

Grade 1

Photo of Jessica Lakusta

Jessica Lakusta

Grade 5

Photo of Colleen McEntee

Colleen McEntee

Grade 4

Photo of Murray McLaughlin

Murray McLaughlin

Grade 3

Photo of Rhonda McLaughlin

Rhonda McLaughlin

Grade 1

Photo of Nicole Rousseau

Nicole Rousseau

Photo of Kim Svitich

Kim Svitich

Grade 4

Photo of Christie Wilson

Christie Wilson

Grade 3

St. Augustine Junior High/High School

Photo of Nicole Beier

Nicole Beier

Photo of Katherine Bergum-York

Katherine Bergum-York

Photo of Adam Bowie

Adam Bowie

Athletic Director Gr. 7-12 Physical Education Department Head

Photo of Nicola Cahill

Nicola Cahill

Math Teacher

Photo of Justin Florean

Justin Florean

Grades 7-12 Social Studies

Photo of Pam Hoffman

Pam Hoffman

Photo of Adrienne MacKenzie

Adrienne MacKenzie

Photo of Chris McLean

Chris McLean

Math, Robotics, PE, Construction

Photo of Brad Normandeau

Brad Normandeau

Photo of Kristin Prediger

Kristin Prediger

HS CTS (Cosmetology, Fabrication) & Division 3 Courses

Photo of Kelly Shimp

Kelly Shimp

Teacher/High School Academic Advisor

Photo of Charlene Wheeler

Charlene Wheeler

Photo of Dayna Wittal

Dayna Wittal

Grades 6-12, CALM, Drama, Foods, Sewing

Photo of Laura Witvoet

Laura Witvoet

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