Awards and Scholarships

St. Augustine School Scholarship Program

St. Augustine School Awards program recognizes the success and achievements of our students in grades 7 through 12. The awards have been developed with support and input from our many generous community sponsors and strive to recognize the many diverse qualities of our students. 

Jr. & Sr. High students are asked to complete the Volunteer Letter & Tracking Form for any activities they are involved with outside of school. Completed forms should be given to your faculty advisor. 

Sr. High students are required to complete the Student Information Sheet before any school based scholarship money will be given out. St. Augustine Awards are subject to change based on available sponsorship. St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas Awards are presented with the understanding that they are based on grades and credits earned at St. Augustine School or through St. Thomas Aquinas RCSD.  

Congratulations to St. Augustine 2018-2019 Award Recipients

Alberta Citizenship Awards

The Government of Alberta offers three Alberta Citizenship Awards to recognize students who have contributed to their communities through public service and voluntary endeavor.

Students are invited to submit an application to the school in order to be considered for the Premier's Citizenship Award. The school will forward applications to a selection committee who will chose one student to be nominated. The selected nominee will also be eligible for the Alberta Centennial Award and the Queen's Golden Jubilee Awards. Applications and Record of Accomplishment should be submitted to the school by May 15. 

Alberta Citizenship Awards 

Alberta Citizenship Awards Application

Record of Accomplishments

Alberta Government Scholarships & Bursaries

Career, learning and employment information for Albertans. Sign up for additional information & scholarship opportunities. 


Archbishop Collins Stewardship Award

The Archbishop Thomas Collins Stewardship Award recognizes students who have volunteered their time and shared their talents with their family, school, church and community. Successful grade 12 applicants may receive a monetary award. The recipients are chosen by the CWL. 

Sponsored by: Ponoka Catholic Women's League

Google form to apply:

   or complete and email the application below

Archbishop Collins Stewardship Application - Application deadline is June 10

God gives each of us gifts and talents. When we share with others, we make the world a better place and we give glory to God.


Archbishop Richard Smith Academic Excellence Award

Sponsored by: Dr. Leslie Gill Professional Corporation

Awarded to the grade 11 student with the highest overall average and a minimum of 20 hours of community service. The recipient must achieve a minimum of 80% in math, science, social, and Eng. 20-1 or 20-2.

Bob Ronnie Catering Physics Award

Sponsored by Bob Ronnie Catering

A monetary award of up to $250 for the student with the highest mark in Physics 30. 

Calumet Synergy Association Scholarship Excellence Awards

Calumet Synergy Association (“CSA”) would like to award three students beginning in post-secondary studies with a CSA Scholarship Excellence Award. CSA would like to recognize those students and emphasize the importance of supporting their contributions to our area.

CSA will grant a one-time Scholarship award in the amount of $1000 sponsored by EMBER RESOURCES  and two CSA scholarships of $500.00 each for use by that student during their first post-secondary academic year.

Deadline: June 26, 2020


CSA Scholarship Cover Ltr

CALUMET Scholarship Program, 2020

CSA Scholarship Application Form, 2020

Elite Integrity Services Scholarship

Awarded to a graduating student illustrating integrity and citizenship. The student should be pursuing post-secondary education, specifically entering into a trades related program. Students entering engineering programs may also be considered. 

Elite Integrity Services Scholarship Application

Father Bednar Religious Education Award

Currently there is no sponsor for this award, please contact the school if you are interested in sponsoring this award.

A certificate will be presented to each student with a minimum of 30 points in the Stewardship category and an 80% or greater average in Religion 35.

Governor General’s Academic Medal

Awarded to the graduating student who achieves the highest academic standing in the graduating class as per Governor General’s Academic Medal Directives below:

  1. A bronze medal is awarded to the student who achieves the highest average upon graduation from a secondary school.
  2. The average includes all grade 11 and grade 12 courses as listed on the student’s official Transcript of Grades issued by the Ministry of Education.  The average cannot be anticipated; it must be calculated based on final results after provincial/territorial examinations, where the ministry of education requires final exams.
  3. Equitable access for the entire student population is an important aspect of the medal’s value.  Regardless of the stream or the subjects chosen, all students are eligible for consideration upon graduation.
  4. Courses taken after graduation to upgrade marks are not to be included

    Award: Bronze Medallion


Indspire is a national Indigenous registered charity that invests in the education of First Nations, Inuit and Métis people for the long term benefit of these individuals, their families and communities, and Canada. Since 2004, Indspire has provided over $115 million in financial support to more than 37,500 First Nations, Inuit and Métis students.  That is pretty amazing!

The website for Indspire is:

Joan and Dunc Grant Scholarship

The Joan and Dunc Grant Scholarship is made possible by the generous donation of Joan and Dunc Grant who valued hard work and commitment and is meant to recognize and support those individuals who also demonstrate these principles.

Joan and Dunc Grant Application Deadline to apply September 15


Kinsmen-Kinettes Awards

Ponoka Kinsmen Citizenship Award (St. Augustine School only)

Certificate and $500 (5 bursaries of $100 each to be drawn among eligible students) for students achieving a minimum of 30 points within the year in the Citizenship category as outlined in the school criterion.

Kinette Club of Ponoka (Deadline Feb. 28, 2020, Apply directly to the Kinettes)

This $500.00 scholarship was created to support a student’s post secondary education. It will be awarded to a student that is community minded and committed to volunteering.

Kinette Club of Ponoka Scholarship

Additional Bursaries: Kin Canada Bursaries

Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus Grade 9 Award

To the student who has made significant contributions to the workings of the school, community and parish. The student will receive a certificate & their name will be engraved on trophy.

Ponoka Knights of Columbus Council 4503 Local Scholarship

Presented annually to a graduating student who is a son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter of a member of the Ponoka K of C Council 4503. Successful candidates will receive a certificate and up to $750 which may be divided among those selected.

Knights of Columbus Local Scholarship- Application Deadline EXTENDED to Sept. 30, 2019

St. Augustine Students of the Year

Awarded to each graduating student who has achieved excellence in Academics, Citizenship, Stewardship and Diversity throughout the course of their high school years. Students who wish to be considered for this award must complete an application form and provide the required documents to support their application. Recipients are selected by the Knights of Columbus.

St. Augustine Student of the Year Application – Application Deadline August 25 

State Scholarship

The Alberta-Northwest Territories, Knights of Columbus annually provides fifteen $750.00 scholarships. A maximum of three scholarships for each of the five regions established by the State Council are available. 

Knights of Columbus State Scholarship  – Application Deadline May 31

Loyal Order of Moose

Local Scholarship

A $1000.00 Scholarship will be awarded to each city or town with a Moose Lodge. Applications must be submitted to the local Moose Lodge.

Loyal Order of Moose – Deadline June 1 

Heart of the Community Award

Available to students who will graduate in 2019. Opportunity to win up to $5000.00 scholarship. The program is supported solely by the Moose Fraternity and reflects the fraternity’s commitment to supporting youth in the community. 

Heart of the Community - Deadline June 30, 2018

Mr. Arthur Szynkowski Physical Education Award

Sponsored by: Mr. & Mrs. Art Szynkowski

Certificate awarded to each student reaching 80% in PE 30 and a minimum of 20 accumulated points in extra-curricular sports and/or intramurals. A monetary award of up to $250 (draw) will be presented to one of the qualifying students.

Mr. Jimmy Rawji Sciences Award

Sponsored by: Ponoka Professional Pharmacy

 A certificate for all students with 80% or higher in a combination of Biology, Chemistry, or Physics 30-1 and Math 30-1, 31, or 30-2. A monetary award of up to $250 for the student with the highest overall grade.


NELSON Scholarships

Nelson's Scholarship for Indigenous Students

Calling all indigenous Student Leaders!

  • Are you First Nation, Métis or Inuit student completing your final year of high school?
  • Have you achieved academic success?
  • Are you demonstrating a commitment to preserving Indigenous languages and culture?

If you answered YES to the above, you may qualify for a $3000 scholarship from NELSON.

Apply on-line:

Nelson Civic Leadership Scholarship

Nelson's mission is to support the success of Canadian students. We are proud to recognize and celebrate the contributions of students who have gone the extra mile for their communities.

Nelson Civic Leadership Scholarships support community-minded student leaders in achieving their educational goals. Three $3000 scholarships will be awarded to students who have demonstrated academic success, personal strength, and determination in their commitment to civic engagement and leadership.

Apply on-line:

The application window is April 3 - June 29, 2018

Ponoka Agricultural Society

It is the mission of the Ponoka Agricultural Society to promote, support and encourage agricultural opportunities in our urban and rural community. The Society provides two $500.00 scholarships per year. 

Please go directly to the Ponoka Agricultural Society website to access the application form. Deadline to apply is September 1

Ponoka Ministerial Scholarship

The Ponoka Ministerial Association offers an annual post-secondary scholarship of $500 based on a competitive application process to a student with a desire to complete studies related to Christian ministry. The scholarship will be paid directly to the post-secondary institution upon applicant selection and notification by the 31st of May of the year selected, and upon approval by the Ponoka Ministerial Association Scholarship Committee.

Application deadline: March 31 annually

Ministerial Scholarship Application

Pope John Paul II Academic Excellence Award

Sponsored by: Wedin’s Team & Corporate

A certificate will be presented to each graduating student with a minimum of 20 hours of community service and a minimum 80% in math, science, social, and Eng. 30-1 or 30-2. A monetary award of up to $500 will be awarded to the student with the highest number of citizenship points.

Rotary Club of Ponoka

The Rotary Club of Ponoka awards three $1000 scholarship to eligible graduating students who attend one of the local high schools. Application deadline varies.

Rotary Scholarship - 2020 Deadline was extended!

Please have completed applications to Mrs. Horlock by April 30, 2020. Late applications will NOT be accepted!


St. Anne Career and Technology Studies (CTS) Award

Currently no sponsor, please contact the school if you are interested in supporting this award.

Presented to the graduating student who achieves 80% or higher in any combination of three 1-credit 20 or 30 level CTS courses and who is continuing into a trades or industrial related field.  

St. Cecilia Fine Arts Award

Sponsored by the Loyal Order of Moose

Certificate for all and up to $250 monetary award for students with 85% or higher in Drama 20 or 30. The monetary award will be split among the qualifying grade 12 students.

St. Francis of Assisi School Diversity Award

Sponsored by Ponoka Physiotherapy & Acupuncture Clinic

A certificate will be presented to each student (Grade 10-12) who has achieved a minimum of 30 points within the year in the Diversity category. A monetary award of up to $500 will be divided among the qualifying grade 12 students. 

St. John Bosco Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) Award

Currently there is no sponsor, please contact the school if you are interested in sponsoring this award.

Awarded to a student who is in the Registered Apprenticeship Program 20 or 30 level English and a 20 or 30 level Social Studies. They will be working towards or have already fulfilled the requirements for both RAP and a high school certificate or diploma. The student will be beginning their apprenticeship in an industrial related technology.

St. Thomas Aquinas Division Awards

Jr. High Honour Roll (Grades 7-9)

Each student who is named to the Honour Roll will receive a bursary of $25 or a school memento up to a value of $25.  Awarded to each student with an overall average of 80% or higher in all subjects (options are weighted based on the course length).

Sr. High Honour Roll (Grades 10-12)

Each student who is named to the Honour Roll will receive a bursary of $50 or a school memento up to a value of $50. Criteria are as follows:
An overall average of 80 per cent or more within the grade in English, Religious Studies, Mathematics, Social Studies, and one science course.

Division Scholarship

Awarded annually to the graduating Grade 12 student in each high school who has achieved the highest overall average in 35 credits at the 30 level (must include English and Religious Studies). Award: School Plaque and $700.

100 Per Cent Club Scholarship

Awarded to the student who achieves 100 percent on a Provincial Diploma Exam.
Award: $500 scholarship.

Superintendent’s Cup

Awarded to the graduating student who has shown the most improvement academically and/or socially has attended all high school years at a STAR Catholic High School. Award: Trophy and $100.

Scholar Tree

ScholarTree helps students find and apply to scholarships so they can focus on their education, not how they will pay for it.

ScholarTree saves students weeks of time searching for scholarships that they qualify for. Based on their information we instantly show them all of the scholarships that they're eligible for and then guide them through the application process. Scholar Tree is FREE for students. Create your Student Profile today at:

Sommer Home Hardware Building Construction Award

Sponsored by Sommer Home Hardware & Building Centre

Awarded to a student who shows exceptional promise in the area of building construction. 


The Summer Games Legacy Scholarship is the result of a $10000 gift from the Alberta Summer Games Committee which oversaw the Games held in Leduc and area in the summer of 2016. The scholarships will be sponsored by the STAR Catholic School Division until the legacy gift is exhausted. 

Completed applications may be submitted on or before JUNE 15 to the school office.


2018 Recipient: Bailey Rush

2019 Recipient: Gene Lockridge


Will's Welding Award

Sponsored by Will's Welding

A monetary award of up to $500 will be presented to the high school student showing exceptional promise in welding. Preference may be given to grade 12 students.


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Father Archie Mackenzie Certificate of Achievement Award

St. Bede Award

St. Ambrose Award

St. Lucia Award

Cosmetology Award

Mrs. Maria Lentz Social Studies Award

St. Theresa of Avila