Support Services

Learning Support Facilitators

At the heart of our program is the student and his/her unique needs. The Learning Support Facilitators of St. Augustine School work very closely with students, parents, teachers, and other professionals to create programs that best meet the academic, social, physical, and spiritual needs of all learners. Goals and modifications are provided as necessary to ensure that our students receive the best education possible. For the high school students who require alternative programming, we offer a mixture of Knowledge and Employability, English as a Second Language, Distance Education and Outreach style courses based on need. As per the mandate of Alberta Education, inclusive learning occurs within the classroom whenever possible with additional out of class support provided when necessary. A personalized meeting with one of our counselors or facilitators is the best way to determine if programming at St. Augustine school will meet the needs of your child. Mrs. Rhonda McLaughlin is the Learning Support Facilitator for ECS-Grade 3, Mrs. Svitich is the Learning Support Facilitator for Grades 4-6, Ms. York is the Learning Support Facilitator for Grades 7-12.


Academic Counselor

Academic and Career Counseling is provided to students courtesy of Mrs. Kelly Shimp. Mrs. Shimp is available to meet with students and assist with individual planning and programming. Parents with questions regarding these services are welcome to call the school and arrange an appointment.

The following list of services are available for students:
• Academic and Career Counseling
• Student course selection for high school
• Work with students at-risk of not getting course credits
• School information meetings
• One-on-one meetings with parents and students regarding courses
• Assist in identifying areas of interest for future careers
• Assist in post secondary entrance
• Provide information regarding Open Houses and Career Fairs
• Student seminars
• Distance Learning Courses – set up, monitor and assist student in completing
• Registered Apprenticeship Program
• Work Experience
• Attendance or homework issues – referred by teacher
• Scholarships – assist students in finding and applying for relevant scholarships

Family School Liaison Counselor


This program is intended to primarily provide short term counseling intervention, not therapy.  Where more intensive services are required, the Family School Liaison Counselor, Mrs. Tara Newton, will make a referral to the appropriate community resource/services.

  • Counsel/support students individually and or in groups e.g. Worry Woos, Zones of Regulation, Rainbows
  • Enhance family situations through support, education and referral
  • Partners with school based intervention team and community based professional teams to meet students/family’s needs
  • Consult on individual behavior plans and program plans
  • Facilitate/provide school wide prevention programs e.g. Go Girls and Game On
  • Facilitate/provide classroom presentations/programs e.g. Roots of Empathy,
    Tools to decrease Anxiety
  • Liaise with community agencies such as Family and Community Support Services, Child and Family Services, Alberta Health Services (Mental Health and Addictions), Ponoka Youth Centre, etc.
  • Participate/ facilitate special community projects and social justice projects e.g. Mitten Patrol, McHappy Day’s, Catholic Social Services charities,  Coat’s for Kids
  • FNMI support and consulting with Maskwacis agencies, Circle of Courage Facilitator
  • Participate on the school/ district based Threat Assessment Team
  • Collaborate with Teachers/staff to develop and implement programs e.g. LinkAGES, In-School Mentors, etc.