Li'l Stars Preschool

Lil' Stars Preschool

Our program is based on a “Learning Through Play” philosophy, thus providing many exciting challenges and opportunities for your child to explore.  Children are free to play individually and with others, explore and create with the toys, games and manipulative materials in the classroom.  Individual attention and instruction will also be a part of the daily routine. During class time, children enjoy crafts, drama, songs, stories, creative group play, seasonal themes, science concepts and outdoor playtime.  Exposure to a variety of choices and experiences will contribute to the growth and development of a whole child, Socially, Physically, Intellectually, Creatively and Emotionally.

The preschool is organized into learning centers, based upon chosen themes.  The children have the choice as to where they wish to play. If a child is able to make their own choices, this will foster independence and decision making.  Children are encouraged to explore all of the learning centers that are planned to provide optimal leaning experiences.  The purpose of the program is to encourage socialization, foster independence, and also prepare your child for the following year in Kindergarten which is more structured.

Preschool Handbook 2024-2025

Preschool Program Description 2024-2025