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Principal's Message - January 2020

Have you ever played the game, “Would you rather?” If you have, you know that a person’s answers can reveal a lot about them. Would you rather win a Grammy or an Olympic Gold medal? Would you rather stay on Christmas vacation or go back to school? It is easy to love Christmas and to enjoy a vacation. While it can be hard to say goodbye to the free and flexible time filled with daily board games, books, movies, outdoor play, leisure time with friends and family, full meals baked, shared and ate in good company, we hope you carry the heart of Christmas with you into the new year. Like the Magi, we are filled with the promise of what is yet to come, honoured to walk in the light and unity of Jesus and all that He creates. We are inspired to do this together as a community of faith. As the New Year begins, we hope you are rejuvenated for an exciting 2020 full of potential, curiosity, new experiences and special memories.

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