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Principal's Message Graduation 2024

Graduates, I am honored to reiterate our motto both to you and for you, "Let your light shine, today, tomorrow and forever." You consistently show up - in challenge and in celebration. You have chosen to walk a path together, steadfast in friendship, love and honour for one another, transforming lives in what would seem small, yet are immensely palpable in significant ways. Like the delicate and seemingly fragile wings of the butterfly, whose flutter can set in motion a series of events that reverberate across vast distances, shaping the course of nature itself, your impact within St. Augustine, our greater communities and province have been, and will continue to be, profound.

You will see the faces of volunteerism, creativity, athleticism, innovation, playfulness, mentorship, academic and athletic excellence in small and large capacities. These are the students who pick garbage when no one is looking, who smile and reach out their hands to help over and over again. These are the youth that influence lives near and far. They inspire our hopes for the future. Their choices and experiences serve as a poignant reminder that every decision made, every word spoken, and every deed have the potential to create lasting change. 

Graduates, it is our hope that you continue to approach each moment, with mindfulness and compassion, recognizing the immense power you hold to shape the world around us for the greater good. Seek, witness, encounter, and be the goodness of God. Whether a star at night or the sun rising in the day, shine brightly within the tapestry of humanity, so others can follow, illuminating the world with kindness, unity, compassion, and love. May God abundantly bless you as you make your mark. Congratulations and may your future be filled with joy, success, and endless blessings.

With admiration and gratitude,

Ms. Kari Davidson

Click on the photo to view Grad Slideshow or use link: Class of 2024

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