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Royal Canadian Legion

Congratulations to the St. Augustine students who won prizes in the Royal Canadian Legion's Remembrance Day Contest. The students were honoured with a banquet celebrating their achievements. 


  • Junior: Sara Mathieu - HM
  • Intermediate: Zechariah Mathieu - HM
  • Senior: Mary Mathieu - 1st locally, 2nd district


  • Junior: Sarah Mathieu - 1st, Reilly Nywening - HM
  • Intermediate: Zechariah Mathieu - 1st, HM district, Addison Lentz - 2nd, Kayleigh Pascoe - HM

Colour Poster

  • Primary: Gabriel Reyes - 1st, HM district, Ryan Sakaluk - 2nd, Kenadie Burke - HM
  • Junior: Aliyah Bautista - 1st, district & provincial, Kristen Galler - 2nd, Lance Quinto - HM
  • Senior: Mary Mathieu - 1st, Avery Klimec - 2nd

Black & White Poster

  • Primary: Caleb Mathieu - 2nd, Fisher Kusiek - HM
  • Junior: Ashlee Juanito - HM
  • Intermediate: Zechariah Mathieu - 2nd
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