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Welcome Message from Ms. Davidson

There are many moments throughout the school year when I know with all certainty that St. Augustine is the best place to teach, learn and lead for myself as well as my children. The pinnacle of that was experienced this past weekend, dropping my oldest off at university six hours away. 

As he entered the stark, bare space of his dorm room, heart heavy with anxiety and regret, he opened a suitcase. What sat inside surprised and grounded me: a Crucifix and Bible. As he placed them on the fixed shelf parallel to his bed, two letters fell out. The letters were from staff members at different times of his school life - staff members who coached, taught, goaded and joked with him. In that moment, the entirety of love, safety and caring flashed through my heart and mind. A great sense of peace comes from knowing your child is open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is difficult to express in words the sudden awareness of understanding that comes from knowing how many individuals played a role in your child’s life, a role that ensured success built on numerous struggles and failures. 

As we begin this school year, another with some uncertainty, I hope families rest in the understanding that we gently hold your children’s hearts and minds. We care, worry, wonder and encourage them to be the best version of themselves - to try new things, to share their unique talents and to embrace struggle and error. Welcome back -  your babies are our kids. We can’t wait to watch them learn and grow.

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